Sunday, November 21, 2010

The New Familia Hauler

Some of ya remember the econoline shop truck? We still have her but she aint practical for all three of us. So Like I needed another car/truck but what the heck....Shes a baller,rock and roller.....A real mean hauler..... :D
Really like the econoline but there’s a new girl in town….

One week ago after purchase....gotta see past the late eighties directional mags and nose in the air stances.
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After a all day marathon and a bolt pattern change...lowering job and a good going over She is now ready for her next stage a respray of lemon pearl satin yellow to hold me over till she can get a complete top notch job...Also picked up a quick release dodge caravan rear seat for my daughter..Trying to make her a good over the road hauler. A/c heat is in order as well...Goal is to have her standing tall for the drive to the salt next year.



She has a new 383 sbc,trans and 12 bolt rear...She is a runner. 8)