Thursday, November 13, 2008

PoW,KaBoOm,WhAcK " To the Bat Cycle Robin"

The second Bat Cycle As a bonus I special pic of the ever sexy BatGirl and here sickle
The orig Bat Cycle a 1959 Electro Glide I believe this only showed up in one episode.
See even Batman was cool enough to know Panheads Rule


Natalia said...

I see you found a picture of me from Halloween...



Shoe said...

Batgirl I always knew there was something special about you.

Are you and Craig up for some chocolate chip cookies and beer...?

or maybe some Ice cream......

Natalia said...

Don't tease me like that. I thought you were serious there for a second...and I thought, "YES, DEFINITELY! Shoe is the coolest guy ever!" but then I realized you were making fun of our last food run.

And that's not cool.

(Oh, and they were popsicles.)