Saturday, April 18, 2009

7 Hours to Firm Rear End

Last Saturday a friend of mine from Lville....Brad(hardluck) came up.He had called early in the week saying he needed to do something with his shovelhead frame.I told him load your shit up and be at my shop on Saturday morning and be ready to work.Well heres Brad making the first cut after we had her all tied down on the table jig I made to do back rigid sections.

After the parts that were not needed were discarded we set up the Frame in the table jig.I use early forged rear repop axle plates.These once installed make a later model shovel frame look more like a factory rigid frame.Way better than some stamped or cut out flat steel axle plates.Then it was time to bend all the new tubes and start to fit them togther.Now comes the measure,measure again and then once more.

All bars bent in place and ready for welding.

Welded and ready for removal of the frame from the table.

Finished frame...

A quick mock up Brad was so happy he couldnt wait to get home and prep the back for paint and start putting her back together.
7 hours later and Brads ready to roll

The plus of doing a frame with this is the factory vin number is still intact ready to roll anywhere or any event with no hazzle from the man.

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