Monday, May 18, 2009

This week at Shoes place a 54 Ford Vicky

I find myself working on a 54 Ford Vicky.I am intsalling 50 Olds fender ends and headamps in it.I tell you I have the utmost respect for the Alexander brothers and other kustomizers from the day. I am using modern tools and still struggle at times.Its hard to believe that the kustoms of yesteryear looked and turned out the way they did.Just with the tools and paints that were available at the time....Hope to have her tig welded up and metal finished by the end of the week so it can at least be driven to the Beatersville Show in Louisville this weekend.
Then will come the lower grille treatment and rounding of the hood corners.With finally finishing the car out with a one piece front end.

Heres the look my young 17 yearold customer wants thanks to the original Victorian by The Alexander Brothers.....

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Wesley said...

Hey, I just wanted to say thanks again, I didn't want to keep you from work for too long. I think the headlights look amazing.

Now, I just need to stick the lights in, and the bumper on so I can blast around the southside all night!

Thanks again!