Monday, August 17, 2009

You Can Raise them Right!!!!!!!

How cool is this my daughter is in a youth group and they decieded they were gonna have a 10 mile bike ride yesterday through the country to a farm cabin and cook out and pond swim...Well all week long I kept telling her I would go get her a 24 inch mountain bike to make the ride easy.She said no way dad I am riding my restored Stingray..1969 slick chik with 2 spd hub.I kept saying okay but I told my daughter you've never ridden anywhere close to 10 miles..Dont care dad I am riding it.
Well we had a few trucks and a small trailer following and keeping the group in line...40 kids...92 degrees at 2 pm and we were off.She made it about 6 miles and had to go for about 2 mile rest in the truck and back at it.I am really proud of here and that she made it about 8 miles total..She was the hit of the crowd being on such a cool bike....with all others on modern road bikes.... :D

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