Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Well been hittin it hard the last couple weeks on everyone elses stuff, so I thought I would do me a fun little project to help me get motivated before the pan gets assembled.
Spending time at Wauseon and Davenport makes ya want a board tracker.
Well unless your rich or dad has handed down his great grandpas to you youre problably not gonna get one.
Well I drug out a whizzer style motor I aquired in a deal one time and a skip tooth schwinn from the swap meet.
I am gonna throw me a car show/bike show/swap meet cruiser together with a board track theme.
Most whizzer board track thingies never look right cause the motors are so small and most try to build them to big and they look off proportion wise. Well I am gonna try to stay within the proportions of a bicycle.
Well heres a rough mock up pics from the cell phone.I wacked the top bar out and replaced it with a new one.Seat pan is for looks only gotta hammer out one and make some bars.Gonna try to make the tank tomorrow night. Then buster all down sand blast and fab up the rest of the pieces.My friend Heath should have me some new rolling stock tomorrow as well.
Hope to have it done it 2 weeks for a unvailing at a show....

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Diesel said...

Let me know if there are any othere idea's I can help you with.