Monday, January 25, 2010

Its a Offical Staff Truck for the shop

Its a offical shop truck now...few minor things to tidy up then its driver time....Well I had old Bob Kini "bikini" come down and put a few accents and letter the doors 60's style today.Old Bob is world famous round these parts he's been stripping and lettering since the early 50's....... Also check the rods and bikes logo....Old Bob is a little corny he asks what do you think of that..I said man looks cool...He goes you dont get it do you...Its a bobber.Most of the goofy bike guys are calling every thing a bobber so I thought it should be part of your logo...and starts laughing...It suppose to look like a fishing bobber...Must be all the paint fumes from over the years,,,lol

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davexherr said...

that looks so good man