Monday, February 8, 2010

Back from Cincy......

and the dealer show.......The Biltwell Brodown was off the hook....Kudos to Bill and Magoo for throwing the great bash to kick off the year.Sorry for no post as of late as I am trying to finish the pan between traveling and other stuff....

Pics to follow shortly.

Great seeing everyone



Her Majesty's Thunder said...

Hey man, in your blog title, replace the apostrophe with ’ and it'll show up correctly on people's profiles. Click on any of your followers' profiles and instead of "Shoe's House of Chop" it shows up as "Shoe's House of Chop"

I had the same problem with mine and when I saw yours I thought you might want to know.

PS, love the Econoline!
- Chris
Her Majesty's Thunder

Ratpan said...

Where's the Damn Pics ??