Monday, June 7, 2010

How to make Your rear look Sexy

Well I am working on my stuff for awhile as I have been doing alot of other stuff for others leaving very little time for me.

Well I had been kicking around some mild customizing ideas for the back of the Merc...Well Heres what I came up with. I had about wrote the rear bumber off as it was bent twisted and banged up. So I figured if I could hammer cut and weld it in to something and if it didnt turn out scrap it...Also the plate mount was ugly and I wanted a long lower look for the rear.. Started with this.

And ended up with this. I Hammered the bumper straight and made a recessed pocket for the plate in I removed and filled the old gas filler hole in the rear body panel.Next was the rear lamps for a much lower look I removed the tail lamp assys and cut off the back up lamps section and added to the qtrs to make it have a lower more folling rear....Now on to the front end ....

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Shortbus said...

I'm not a Ford fan but you have to love that car.