Monday, August 2, 2010

God Speed Dad

Sorry I have been missing in action....I had been doing a little summer event traveling and then a week ago Friday lost my father to complications from diabetes. God Speed Dad.....I think my brother said it best last week when he was told of the news.

Todd Shoemaker "When people see me with my son Zeke they always tell me how great of a dad I am. I deserve very little credit for this I just follow the path that was laid before me by my father. Ronald H. Shoemaker was a great man and a honarable man. He passed away last night and I justed wanted to state that he and my mom made me who I am and made my sister and brothers some of the best people I know."thanks Dad I love You!!!

I feel that if you know me you can insert daughter for son and I am that person...

Heres a family pic minus one sibling that had not been born yet.But you can see where my taste in eye wear comes from........My dad The Big Shoe the Crazy Cool Cat he was can rock on in heaven
Thanks Shoe


Masterlink Lee said...

Shoe, sorry for you loss, man.


Sorry for your loss. words do very little.

Rick said...

You don't know me and I don't know you. But I saw this and I can't help but to tear up. I am very sorry for your loss. He looked like a great guy.