Saturday, April 16, 2011

Holy Pantastic Batman

Finally putting this thing together. She is gonna be down and dirty and ridin this summer. We will worry about shiney later. Its a bitsa bike and I think I finally have all the bits. Gonna be different for me to have that 16 incher up front. I have always wanted a late 40's or early 50,s style (here goes the B word) Bobber style bike. Just could not ever follow through with it. Not this time though making myself do this.
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Anonymous said...

sure looks like my 50 already shoe TONY

godzucco said...

nice stand . got some niceeee w/w tires and rims look better on it with chrome TONY

Anonymous said...

Isn't gonna be near as pretty though it is a 50. I ghonna have to find someone to paint it though. Hahaha