Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Back From Daytona

Been real busy working on the panhead and others stuff.Realized though all work and no play is not much fun so Diesel from the Zen of Neato and me loaded up and headed south last week.

It was a murderous trip to say the least on the way down as the weather was pure crap.We ran in to ice storms,construction,fog and accidents.Felt like we we never gonna make it.

First stop was Eustis Fla and the AMCA vintage meet and swap meet.Hooked up with old friends and spent 3 days swap meeting,bullshitting and bike watching.These meets feature some of the best vintage bikes in the country.Their meets include all makes models original to restored.

Then It was on to Daytona for a stop downtown for the total freak show and Vintage racing at the Daytona speedway.

My take on downtown Daytona is this I have never been to bike week in 35 years of owning a motorcycle and really after going for the first time still dont get it. The bars seemed to be packed with all the weekend warriors and boss hog owners association members. It certainly is not about the open road and riding for most I seen. Hell I doubt most even own a bike but as my buddy Diesel sez Live and Let Live... As for the riding we did some but the winter bird non driving grey hairs and the paddle footing bike riders truly scared me and was okay with just hanging out at the track and swap meets.

Scored some choice parts and nick nacks.

Gotta throw a big thanks out to Gene our generous host who let us stay in his beautiful Motor Coach and provided meals and stories that will be remember for a life time.Also meet great people like Hammer,Louie and their wives and friends.Thanks for making us feel welcome and part of the gang.Till we all meet on the open road...... More pics later this week....


PS: another trip in the book and it still rings true...Its not where you are at but who you are with........

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