Sunday, March 14, 2010

Skinny Minnie Panhead Front End

Got alot going on in my shop right now with my panhead and all the other peoples stuff.You know warm weather is just around the corner so today I spent most of the day working on a customers front end for his panhead.Its going to be a kickass set up when all done.

First we started with a set of lower panhead style legs and gave them a good shaving and was a new set of short 41mm tubes and inards....The last few years I have hung out here and there with Warren Jr. who makes some kickass cycle parts.So when it came time for the really skinney look I had Warren Jr.whip me up a set of his really,really narrow trees for 41mm tubes...Coupled with one of his 2 ribbed spool hubs laced to a 1.5 21 inch hoop I already had. This makes a front end even Jenny Craig would be proud of. Skinney is a under statement....

Warren's stuff is top notch and he has been great to work with as changes have been made and needed along the way with no problems. I have everything mocked up today.Used a old front frame half to do all the fitting and fabbing on so when done it will just bolt right on the panhead.Need to fab up a axle and spacers then bust it all down for a run across the buffer. I will post some more pics as this progress as it happens...If you would like to check out Warrens stuff see this link and tell him Shoe sent ya.

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