Sunday, November 22, 2009

One time at a swap meet .........

I found a panhead frame......Last summer me and my friend Dave Herr were at a small 2 row swap meet.I dont usually go to this paticular swap meet as there is usually not alot there for my tastes.But dave talked me in to going.I rode my bike(rode thinking I wouldnt find anything to buy).As I walked along this guy throws a frame outta of his van.Well looking from the back I see its pretty decent and in good shape then I get to the neck.Whoopsie is all I can say.Its been necked as alot were but then all the neck had been hacked off.The story then goes something like this.Whats the story on the pan frame? My boy was trying to build a bike outta of it and I told him that it was not safe to use as the neck had been cut and raked so I cut the neck off so he would use it.Well what do you want for it?300 I said it isnt worth that but I will give ya 200.00 and the deal was made.So with a new neck a few other parts and my time I should be in this frame for under 800.00.Its not perfect but should be nice for my modified pan project.Stay tuned as the rest of the frame is repaired.
The frame as found at swap.

The new neck forging and mounts.

Made a engine,trans and motor down tube jig.You have to keep everything in place when you cut the neck off.It can really go wrong if you dont have everything tied down.

The nasty is almost gone.A ten pack of cut off wheels and some sawzall blades later.

Looking better alreadyAlmost ready.

The old junk

Trying to save the stock back bone and make it a little easier my buddy Kidder made me a slide in spud so I could put the neck on the lower legs.I then took a piece of dom tubing the same size of the back bone drilling rosette weld holes in it along with some very small holes.The small holes are for pushing the spud into the og back bone when in place.There would be no way reinforce the back bone without doing this unless complete replacement of it was done.

Once the neck was in place I took a small pocket screw driver and slid the spud into the back bone. Learned this about this spud trick while spending some time last summer with Irish Rich.Thanks Rich for the tip.
Everything in place measured twice and one more time it was time for the welding.

Ready for grinding and metal finishing.

Next was to install the upper motor mount tube and motor mount/tank mount.

Now ready for side car loop repair and a few other minor things before coming outta of the jig.


davexherr said...

that dave guy is gay.

Shoe said...

Yes and he has a funny mustache......hahahahaha

txdennis said...

lookin' good Shoe!