Saturday, November 28, 2009

A little Wheelin' Today at Interlake

Well today my buddy Heath,his better half Patty,his father, my daughter and me finally made it down to Interlake.This property is a 3550 acre coal mine that was taken over by the DNA of Indiana.Its open for free sunrise to sunset to fish,hunt or ohv wheeling.The place is just massive and as always we started finding the good trails when its time to go.We had a great day for the first time there with many more places to check out when we return.First time wheeling in the Cherokee and it did great.Just a bit different than my Wrangler but still handled everything like a champ.
one of the old strip mine lakes

The Shoe mobile red red ready.

All in all a good day.heres a little video.
Should have some more pics and videos tomorrow.

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