Monday, November 30, 2009

Swapmeet panhead frame update 2#

Well not much happening over the holiday weekend so I started fitting all the og style componets on the frame to make sure everything fit.Not quite finished with the frame but close enough to check fitment of the main items.I am kinda leaning towards the bobber/fredder/jimmer look or what ever the cool kids are calling them this year.I have been to quite a few vintage events this year and I have a couple of choppers so my thinking is it would be nice to have a bike to ride to these events.However things can always change as I have had 3 to 4 different frames for this project already....Just need to determine if its a springer or hydraglide frontend going on it.I have both so as soon as the wheels are laced and tires mounted I will try both to see which I like.

1 comment:

Shortbus said...

Looks good and I know there is a really large gap between your taste and mine but I think you should do the 3.5 gal tanks, ditch the fender past the hinge, and rock some apes.